We provide reliable and consistent testing data for healthcare clinics and hospitals with a specialized focus in health and wellness. The results from our salivary and urine testing services assist healthcare practitioners in helping their patients restore a healthy hormone balance.


We offer reliable data used to help treat or manage conditions related to aging. Healthcare clinics and hospitals rely on the results of our hormone testing to reveal conditions that cannot be diagnosed from simply evaluating symptoms.

Sports Medicine

Hormone imbalance is often assessed to pinpoint the cause of decline in endurance, strength, or muscle mass. We provide reliable data for practitioners to help athletes restore a healthy hormone balance and treat conditions that affect athletic performance.



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FDA Partner Case Study

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Hear From Our Partners

“Thank you for your exceptional customer service every step of the way. We were very pleased with your communication, dedication, and knowledge of methodology, and we are excited about the comprehensive results you provided us with.”

E Skornyakov,
Washington State University

“KMI Diagnostics provides an excellent service with a faster than expected turn-around time. Their professionalism and attentiveness to detail are unparalleled. It is always a pleasure to work with them and I would recommend them to anyone seeking replicable data for publication.”

A. Heuerman,
Loma Linda University

“Your services are always fast, efficient, and accurate along with friendly customer service! Thanks for the great experience!”

Harvard University

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