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Serving Both University Groups and the Biomedical Industry

The KMI Diagnostics, Laboratory Testing Services team in Minneapolis, MN is ready to support your research testing needs. We provide broad laboratory testing services in partnership with your CRO. Whether you are looking for beta-site testing, pre-clinical trials, or clinical trials, we are the professional resource that can help you meet your goals. We will work within your protocol and with any applicable automate to provide reliable data you can trust. Learn more about our offerings by analyte category or review our laboratory testing services page.

Whether supporting university research teams or the private sector, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, precision, and accuracy. At the same time, we are flexible and will work within the parameters you define for your project.


When we report data, we typically include the raw data printouts from the reading instrument so you will have the same data you would have if you had performed the assays at your own laboratory testing facility. In addition, we invite you to participate in assay QC assessment with us to ensure that your expectations have been met.

Contact us to discuss the specifics of your upcoming study.

From Protocol to Implementation

Precision Data for Your Group’s Research Objectives

You’ve crafted your study protocol. Now you need to line up your research facility services to implement it. KMI Diagnostics works in partnership with your contract research organization (CRO). We are ready to provide the precision and accuracy that your research demands.


By Analyte | Laboratory Testing Facility Services

Our research testing capabilities are quite broad within the methodologies of ELISA, RIA, and Chemiluminescence. If you are searching for research support by analyte category, we include, but are not limited to:

Learn more about our typical process flow in Research Services. Contact us to discuss the specifics of your upcoming study.

Research Services | Implementing Study Protocols

Process Overview

A typical project follows this workflow. Adjustments may be made to accommodate unique requirements and research goals.

Planning Phase

Implementation: Testing

Implementation: Samples & Data Harvesting



Payment is due for each batch of samples reported at the time that batch of samples is reported/reviewed. We require a PO Box number or credit card information to cover the complete cost of all samples to be tested. This needs to be in place before any samples are tested.


We warrant that our lab tests are accurate and reproducible. No warranty is made that the test results will support the hypothesis of a research study.

KMI Diagnostics, Laboratory Testing Services

Mark Kowal, President and CEO