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KMI Diagnostics has an extensive background in both diagnostics and research testing services.


About KMI Diagnostics

KMI Diagnostics, Inc. provides diagnostic lab testing services to clinics and research testing services for contract research organizations (CROs), university groups, and the private biomedical industry. Founded in 2005 as a research-oriented facility, KMI Diagnostics originally focused on providing customized test services to private and university-based researchers.

Our founder, Mark Kowal, saw a need in the medical research community. There were researchers who didn’t want to purchase ELISA or RIA testing kits, and they preferred to have an outside company run their samples for them. This service gap inspired him to found KMI Diagnostics. Our services were, and continue to be, highly tailored to the needs of the individual researchers that we serve.

Today, that individualized service remains the same. But our laboratory has grown to become a CLIA Certified facility, providing clinical lab testing services for clinics and physicians in addition to our flagship services in the medical research world. These two service divisions enhance each other’s value.


Over the years, we have provided high-quality laboratory data to prestigious Ivy League universities, leading hospital and medical facilities, and government research programs across the United States. We’ve developed ongoing partnerships with individual healthcare providers and clinics, meeting their needs for reliable serology, salivary, and urine test results. Our medical director, technical management team, and entire laboratory staff possess rich experience in both clinical diagnostics and product development research.

A Message From Our Founder

"For all practitioners and clinics, I realize that the quality of your diagnostic laboratory test results is a direct extension of your professional expertise. Lab result accuracy needs to be an enhancement of your own diagnostic wisdom. At KMI Diagnostics, our staff is dedicated to proven technologies, reliable biomarkers, and meticulous quality control processes. We work one-to-one with your team, learning your clinic’s specific needs and developing the most efficient solutions for supporting your clinical practice.


If you are a researcher, you know the critical value of accurate and reproducible data. From lab technicians to the CEO, KMI Diagnostics’ team members are dedicated to quality laboratory testing practices that ensure reliable results, giving you the confidence you need to draw well-supported scientific conclusions from your research data.”

A Pledge to Our Clients

We pledge to use the best available laboratory tests and procedures to yield the most reliable and accurate results on the market today. We know you need your data fast, so we also promise to provide the fastest turnaround times in our industry. You can expect results typically within 3-4 business days after receipt of your sample.

Meet Our Leadership Core

Thomas Uncini, MD, is the Medical Director of KMI Diagnostics, Inc. Dr. Uncini has over 25 years of experience in clinical practice, research, and directorship. Managing the KMI Diagnostics lab team, he draws from his expertise in pathology, diagnostics, and hospital leadership.

A registered Clinical Pathologist, Dr. Uncini is currently on staff at Fairview University Medical Center in Hibbing, Minnesota, and has served as Chief of Staff and Director at multiple regional hospitals.


Dr. Uncini is board certified in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology and in Forensic Pathology. Since 1988, he has been the Chief of Pathology at Fairview University Medical Center-Mesabi and Cook Community Hospital in Cook, Minnesota.

Mark Kowal is the President and CEO of KMI Diagnostics. Mr. Kowal draws from over 40 years in business and international trade. He has nearly two decades experience in the in vitro diagnostics industry. In 2004, he noticed the need for customized testing services for medical researchers. Specifically, he heard from potential clients who didn’t want to purchase ELISA or RIA testing kits and preferred to have an outside company run their samples for them. This service gap inspired Mr. Kowal to found KMI Diagnostics in 2005.

Since then, Mr. Kowal has grown that initial research-related laboratory testing facility to become a full-service diagnostic testing lab as well. He finds it highly fulfilling to lead a company that provides such valuable services to doctors, clinics, and both private sector and university-based researchers. Mr. Kowal holds a BA in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in International Management.

Dr. Wolfgang Ziemann has had a close relationship with KMI Diagnostics since its inception and was retained in 2014 to support a variety of scientific and technical programs. With a PhD in Biochemistry and more than 40 years of experience in the in-vitro diagnostics/research field, Dr. Ziemann draws from a wealth of knowledge relevant to laboratory science.

Kristin Marckel is the Director of Laboratory Operations at KMI Diagnostics. She is an ASCP-certified Clinical Laboratory Scientist with over 18 years of diverse laboratory experience. Her background in the FDA-regulated testing environment as well as routine clinical diagnostics gives her a broad perspective regarding the scope of laboratory services offered by KMI Diagnostics.

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Mark Kowal, President and CEO